The long history in the metrology and surveying industry, not only have we built up exceptional knowledge and experience for repairing all sorts of measuring tools, but also compiled an inventory of over 10,000 spare parts from every leading manufacturer in metrology.


Cutting customers' Cost is the initiative of our services so that expensive, precise, well-made instruments have the potential to continue to serve in the workshop or production line, instead of being replaced by cheap, inaccurate, coarsely made tools. It is not uncommon for us to receive tools that were made decades ago. The tools continue to serve after our service.  

Assurance of Quality is our promise to all customer that every single tool serviced by us is checked against manufacturer's specification or customer's requirement.

Convenience is what you could expect from our service. Special requirement such as turnaround time, pick up and delivery can be arranged at your request.   

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